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CDL Training Programs

At MTC Truck Driver Training, we are always happy to take on new students for our commercial driver's license (CDL) training programs. Our programs are among the best in the country. We are proud to offer not only CDL training, but also job placement for our students. Best of all, our training programs are company sponsored, meaning the majority of the cost is paid for by one of our trucking partners.

When you apply for company-paid training with us at MTC Truck Driver Training, you'll need to provide personal information as part of the application process. We ask for this information not to pry into the details of your private life, but to ensure that we take on students who are qualified to work for our trucking partners. We are very selective because we work to secure a job opportunity for each person who comes to us for CDL training. As such, we need to know, in advance, if there is something in your past or present that might prevent you from gaining employment with one of our trucking partners.

Applying for Our CDL Training Programs
When you apply with us, we ask for your social security number. We use your social security number for background checks, employment verification, and to obtain motor vehicle reports. We do not sell or distribute social security numbers. Your information will be kept private and confidential whether you are accepted into our CDL training program or not.

We at MTC Truck Driver Training are proud to have helped many students obtain their CDLs and go on to successful truck-driving careers. Let us help you, too! Call today to speak to a recruiter or apply for CDL training via our online application form.

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